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Want to produce a video serie?

As a brand or organization, you want to engage your audience with what you have to say. If your message contains a lot of important details, it's wise to spread them across multiple posts. A series consists of multiple photos or videos, serving as unique content for all types of media, both online and offline, including television. By using high-quality online video series/content and regularly posting them, your brand, service, or product becomes more alive to the target audience, resulting in action.   


🦀 Unveil your product or service in separate episodes to increase viewer engagement. 
🦀 Dive deeper into the features, benefits, and applications of your offering in each episode.  
🦀 Offer your viewers an unforgettable experience, where each episode creates a lasting learning curve.  


Interested in having a video series made as well?

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Why choose Krab to create your video series?

At Krab, everything revolves around creating unforgettable video series. With a wealth of experience in producing compelling video series for renowned names such as the Voedingscentrum and other top brands, we know exactly how to grab attention. We delve deep into the world of your target audience, understand their deepest desires and needs, and deliver immersive, ongoing stories. The end result? A captivating video series that fully showcases your brand, products, or services. 

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FAQ Video Series Creation

Yes, absolutely! We use the series as a basis to create various videos that reinforce and promote your message. 

🎥 Teasers: Short, intriguing clips from the series that spark curiosity and compel people to explore further. 

🎥 Bumpers: Short introductions or closings that grab attention and immediately engage viewers with the message of the series. 

🎥 Banners: Visual elements that can be placed on your website or other online platforms to promote the series and pique the interest of visitors.

The duration of the production process depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the video series, the number of shooting days, the desired animations or special effects, and the post-production requirements. Generally, videos are delivered 3-6 weeks after approval of the quote. Would you like an exact time estimate? Contact us for more information.

The production process of a video series involves several steps, including concept development, scriptwriting, storyboard creation, filming, editing, and post-production. It's a collaboration between you and the production team to ensure that your message and vision are conveyed accurately. See here for more details on the production process! 

We are often asked this question, and that is understandable. Creating a video series is a tailor-made process, with prices depending on various factors. Some of these factors include: 

🎥 Film days and locations 

🎬 Actors or voice-over 

📽️ Required equipment 

👥 Size of the crew 

When determining the production process of the video series, we take your budget and objectives into account. Your wishes are always central. Do you want to know what options are available within your budget? Request a quote without obligation and discover how we can realize your vision together.  

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