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Video marketing

Want to boost your marketing with powerful video marketing? We would like to help you set up a plan to achieve your goals. Score online with the right video content. Developing a video content strategy starts with determining the target audience, then developing and distributing appropriate content. 

In addition to producing video content, we specialize in developing the right video strategy for your business. We have been doing this for years for Nikon and Miele.

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Why Video Advertising?

Almost all companies today have a video online. However, there are still few companies that have a long-term video strategy. Do you want to start with video advertising? KrabMedia would like to support you in developing the right video strategy. Outsourcing video advertising ensures that you get the most out of your media channels.

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Developing a video marketing strategy

Firstly, we look at the current situation. We look, for example, at what video content is already available and what is needed in terms of video production, what the target group consists of and which channels match your target group. So that you approach the right people, in the right way, at the right time. We offer several options, from strategy sessions to elaboration of a complete video strategy, including video production. Would you like to know more about our method? Contact us and ask our video marketer.


Your video strategie in 6 steps

1. Introduction

Time for a first acquaintance. This can be by phone, video call or at our office in Amsterdam-West. Here we take a look at your wishes and goals. Time for the strategy session!

2. Goals

During the strategy session we look together at how we can achieve the objectives. We analyze your current video situation, zoom in on your target audience and look at which channels fit your target group. Then we develop appropriate video content.

3. Strategy

When we have a clear picture of who the organization is and what you want to achieve with the social media videos, it's time for our creative team to come up with a catchy strategy that fully fits both the company and your target audience.

4. Set up campaign

Time to optimize your online presence and reach your target audience with your new video content. We make sure everything is ready to go. Whether it's your Instagram, Facebook or YouTube channel. Or all of them of course!

5. Distribution

We make sure you can sit back and relax, while we reach your target audience with specially produced video content for the various channels. We provide active monitoring.


6. Reporting & Optimization

On the basis of monthly reports, we look together at how your goals are being achieved and optimize the campaigns where necessary.


YouTube Marketing

Waarom adverteren op YouTube? Adverteren op YouTube stelt je in staat een groot publiek te bereiken. YouTube is momenteel namelijk het grootste videoplatform. Met YouTube advertising kun je gericht targeten en je bedrijf op een persoonlijke manier te presenteren. Starten met adverteren op YouTube? YouTube advertising wordt voornamelijk ingezet om een jongere doelgroep te bereiken.

🦀 Skippable ads
🦀 Non skippable video ads (15 of 20 sec)
🦀 Bumpers (non skippable, 6 sec) & Overlay ads (semi-transparant)


Instagram Marketing

Increase your brand awareness or generate new customers by advertising on Instagram? Instagram, like Facebook, is a friendly platform for advertisers. Want to get more out of your Instagram channel? In addition to developing the right Instagram strategy, we are specialized in producing Instagram videos.

🦀 Stories
🦀 Feed
🦀 Carousel
🦀 Collection
🦀 Advertentie in ontdekken en meer

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Facebook Marketing

Facebook is momenteel zonder twijfel het allergrootste social media platform met alleen in Nederland al zo’n 10 miljoen gebruikers. Inzicht in de kenmerken van je doelgroep is bij Facebook marketing essentieel. Met Facebook advertising kun je nauwkeurig je doelgroep bepalen en relatief goedkoop een heel groot publiek bereiken.


What is the cost of video marketing?

The cost of video marketing is difficult to estimate in advance. The price has to do with the number of videos and the channels on which you want to use the videos, among other things. 

Graag produceren wij de video’s zelf. Ook deze keuze beïnvloedt de prijs van video marketing. Om goed op de kosten te letten produceren we regelmatig meerdere video’s op één dag, zodat de prijs per video zeer aantrekkelijk blijft.

Besides video advertising we also produce: corporate videos, instructional videos, promotional videos and much more!

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