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Timelapse video

A timelapse is the ideal way to show a lengthy process in a few seconds. Krab is the specialist in the field of timelapse videos, construction timelapse and long term timelapse. We create timelapses for the following: Hilton, Albert Heijn, BlackRook, SWATCH and Rabobank. You can have a professional timelapse made of a:

🦀 Building timelapse, a timelapse of a remodel
🦀 Timelapse of an event's build-up
🦀 Timelapse of another process

With our timelapse service it is possible to watch live. You will receive your own personalized dashboard, where you and the client can monitor the process online.

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Timelapse Dyson

Timelapse Hilton

Also have a timelapse video made?

Construction timelapse

And if you want a long-term project captured, such as a construction process, it may take several months. In that case, if it is light outside, we shoot a few photos every day or every hour. With our water-resistant cameras, we can take photos and videos in 6k and work with preset schedules at night and during the day. With timelapse videos you can show processes that are normally unobservable with the naked eye.

What do you think of our collaboration? 🦀

Our organization is working together with Krab since spring 2021 and we are really glad that we do. They think along with us in a very constructive way and give good tips that lift our videos to a higher level. In addition, it is nice to work together because of their flexibility and positive attitude. I have recommended Krab several times when new video plans are made and I will continue to do so. Accurate, reliable and top-quality videos.

Daniel de JongeBeeldredacteur bij amsterdam&partners

Timelapse Van Mossel

Autostore Tiel | TimeLapse ETOS

Rijkswaterstaat Velserstraverse Bruglift

Why have your timelapse created by Krab?

A perfect timelapse requires clear communication. We like short lines of communication so we can move quickly. In addition, we are able to monitor the cameras for the best quality. Every project is unique. It is a challenge every time to make an original and high quality time lapse and we love to take on that challenge!

How long does creating a timelapse video take? This depends entirely on the length of your project. Once the entire project is captured, the video can be delivered by us within one to a few days with beautiful matching images and supporting music. It is also possible to receive an edit every month to share the progress on, for example, social media.

What is the cost of a timelapse?

Of course, an important question is what the cost of a timelapse video is. This depends entirely on your needs. What location? How many days, weeks, months or years? How many cameras are needed?  How often should we come by to clear the camera? Does the camera need to be moved in between? These are all factors that affect the cost. Want to know more about the cost of a timelapse video? Ask for a free quation here.

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