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Having a testimonial made is the ideal way to create trust with your potential customers. Because who can sell your story better than a satisfied customer? With testimonials, customers can tell you about their experiences and the way your company works.  This increases the reliability of your product or service, because you can actually see someone telling you what they think of your brand.

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Your testimonial in 6 steps

1. Introduction

Time to get to know each other better with a nice cup of coffee. This way we get a better picture of your company.  Together we can determine which strengths should be emphasized in the testimonial(s).

2. Concept

Once we have a clear picture of who the organization is and what you want to achieve, it's time for our creative team to come up with a catchy concept that fully meets your needs.

3. Script

When the concept is clear, it is time to turn the concept into a script. The script is written in the right tone-of-voice. Script written, time for the next step, the recordings.

4. Recordings

This is the day it's all about. We arrive well prepared at the desired location to translate the script into sound and vision.

5. Edit

Everything has been recorded, time for our editors to choose the very best shots and make it into a catchy whole! The choice of a voice-over and music is essential. Maybe some animation and color correction and you're done!

6. Delivery

The time has come, the delivery of your testimonial. All feedback has been implemented. Time to convince your target audience of your story!

Why have a testimonial created by Krab?

We are specialists in the creation of testimonials and have been doing this for years for, among others, Dutch Refugee Council, Doorzaam and BCC. We take care of the entire production process, from initial idea to delivery, always putting content at number one.  

Because we value good cooperation, we work out a concept based on your wishes. In addition, it is essential that the customer is totally at ease in front of the camera. We have several proven techniques for this: in this way we ensure that both your product and the customer come across as sparkling. 

What do you think of our collaboration? 🦀

The partnership of Miele Professional and Krab started in 2019, when we when we wanted to professionally capture our projects on video. Krab has helped us turn our projects and thoughts into strong imagery, both in photo and video. They did this in a professional manner, with short lines of communication and high creativity and energy. With Krab we have a strong partner for content creation next to us.

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Cost of having a testimonial made?

One of the first questions we often get is what it costs to have a testimonial made. This is difficult to estimate in advance without having an idea of your wishes. There are a number of factors that influence the cost.  

🦀  the number of testimonials
🦀  the location
🦀  the crew
🦀  length  
🦀  edit 

To keep costs down, we often shoot multiple testimonials on one filming day. Curious about the costs of your testimonial? Request a quote without obligation and receive the cost overview of your testimonial in your mailbox the same day. 



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