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Recruitmentvideo laten maken?

By having a vacancy or recruitment video made, you enthuse future employees and save your current recruiters a lot of time. With a job video you give your company a face and you create an experience. This results in better, suitable candidates. We specialize in making recruitment and job vacancy videos. We have been doing this for years for other companies like KLM and Finnt.

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Would you like to have a recruitment video made?

What do you think of our collaboration? 🦀

Our organization is working together with Krab since spring 2021 and we are really glad that we do. They think along with us in a very constructive way and give good tips that lift our videos to a higher level. In addition, it is nice to work together because of their flexibility and positive attitude. I have recommended Krab several times when new video plans are made and I will continue to do so. Accurate, reliable and top-quality videos.

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Why have your job video created by Krab? 

Because of our years of experience in making recruitment videos, we are analytically very strong and are able to quickly get to the heart of the message. Our strength lies in actively thinking along, supporting and taking care of all the concerns during the entire process. Krab has been developing targeted 'working at' video campaigns for the biggest brands for years. Without the necessary information, it is difficult to determine how long it will take to produce a job video. Depending on your requirements, the recruitment video or job video will usually be ready within one or two weeks. Besides recruitment videos we also develop corporate videos, educational videos and promotional videos. 

What is the cost of having a job video made?

What does it cost to have a job video made? That is difficult to estimate in advance. The cost of a recruitment video or job video depends on your wishes. We can develop a standard template for € 950,-. See top of the page. If it is a big shoot for the recruitment video you should take into account:  

🦀The number of features we want to show 
🦀 Actors or working with your own staff 
🦀 Do we use animation in the video? 

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