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Promotional video

A promotional video functions as a powerful tool to highlight an event, product, service or brand and encourage the viewer to take action. It is important to capture and hold the viewer's attention immediately. We specialize in making promotional videos and think along with you about the best way to present your product, service, event or brand.
On average, the process takes 2 to 4 weeks for a promo video. Sometimes it happens that a video needs to be delivered quickly. At Krab we like short lines of communication, so when we can switch quickly, the promotional video can be delivered within a week.

Promotional video for your business?
🦀 Creative approach
🦀 Communication is key
🦀 Efficiency

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Your promotional film in 6 steps

1. Introduction

Time for a cup of coffee and to talk about the message you want to convey with the promo video. We would like to map out the goal together.

2. Concept

This is the most important phase in the making of a promotional video. When the goal is clear, we will work it out in a concept entirely in the house style of your company.

3. Script

Now that the concept is there and we have a clear idea of what should be reflected in the promotional film, it's time to work out the storyline.

4. Recordings

The day(s) it's all about. Literally and figuratively. Cameraman, director, actors and producer, this is where your promotional video comes to life. Everyone is on edge. Action!

5. Edit

After shooting, our editors are ready to receive and edit the best shots. After editing, we review the promo video together and are of course open to feedback.

6. Delivery

After the feedback is implemented, we deliver the promotional video in your house style flawlessly.
Time to convince your potential customers of your story!

🦀 Why have your promotional film made by Krab

Krab has years of experience in developing promo videos. We are Nikon's permanent partner in producing all online content such as the online series and campaigns. In addition, we can support in distributing the content on, for example, TikTok or Facebook.
🦀 What channels are relevant we support in marketing
🦀 How does the viewer stay attentive to the promotional video?
🦀 What information do I give and what do I not give?
The strength of our productions lies in the fact that we think along with you, support you and take care of all your worries during the entire process and marketing. Besides promotional videos, Krab can also produce recruitment videos, corporate videos and product videos.

What do you think of our collaboration? 🦀

Advocating on the excellent partnership between Mollie and Krab, since the beginning in 2020. Krab helped us with the creation of various detailed integration videos for our different plugins. Great collaboration and really happy with the team. I will always recommend Krab as a partner to anyone looking for expertise in media and media creation. Great vibe great people great results.

Lono HolzTechnical Partner Manager

What is the cost of a promotional film?

How much does it cost to have a promotional video made? We get this question more often. However, it is difficult to estimate the cost without having an idea of your wishes and budget. Factors such as:  

🦀 How many locations do we need to film 
🦀 Actors or own staff 
🦀 Use of animation 

The choices for the production process of the promotional video will be tailored to your budget and goals. Want to know more about the rates and costs of a promotional video? Request a quote without obligation or call us on 085 303 76 27.


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