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Have a product video made?

Want to boost your sales with a product video? By having a product video made, the viewer gets a good idea of your product or service. A good product video provides all the information needed to convince your audience of the benefits of your product or service within one minute. Krab has been making creative product videos for years for companies like Nikon and Miele, among others. At Krab we aim for a perfect first delivery of your product video.

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Want to have a product video made?
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Nikon Z6II & Z7II

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🦀 Why have your product video created by Krab?

Krab has years of experience in developing product videos. We are regular partner of Nikon and Miele in producing all online content such as the online series and campaigns. In addition, we can support in the distribution of the product videos on for example TikTok and Facebook.
Because we value good cooperation, we will work out a concept for the product videos based on your requirements. We will take into account the specified requirements, but will also rely on our own experiences. After feedback, we will develop a final script for all product videos. Then we get to work. Finally, we edit the product videos and add animations where necessary. Besides product videos, we also develop instructional videos, photography and animations and much more!

What do you think of our collaboration? 🦀

The partnership of Miele Professional and Krab started in 2019, when we when we wanted to professionally capture our projects on video. Krab has helped us turn our projects and thoughts into strong imagery, both in photo and video. They did this in a professional manner, with short lines of communication and high creativity and energy. With Krab we have a strong partner for content creation next to us.

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Cost of having a product video made?

The cost involved in a product video is difficult to estimate in advance. There are several factors that influence the cost. For example: 

🦀The number of products or services 
🦀 Actors or own staff 
🦀 Use of animation 

To keep a close eye on costs, we often produce multiple product videos in one day, so that the price per product video remains very attractive. Curious about the cost of your product video? Request a quote without obligation and receive the cost estimate for your product video in your mailbox the same day. 

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