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Video content for youth

Do you want to reach young people with video content? KrabMedia has years of experience in producing video content for young people. We produce promovideo’s, online series, educational content en instructional videos with and/or for children. We have been a proud partner of youth communication agency Young Crowds for years, producing video content for the Princes Christina Competition. Would you like more information about the production of video content for young people? Request a quote and receive a response within 24 hours.


Want to produce content for youth

Jouw jongerenvideo in 6 stappen

1. Introduction

Time to get to know each other better over a delicious cup of coffee. Here, we can spar together about which concept best suits your objectives.

2. Concept

After the introduction, it is time for the concept phase. Here we determine the content and structure. We then incorporate this into a creative concept entirely in your style.

3. Script

After the concept phase, it is up to our writers to capture the message you want to convey in an original way and in the right tone-of-voice, and then to incorporate it in a script that suits your target group.

4. Recordings

The most important day has arrived: the shoot! We have prepared everything down to the last detail and ensure that everything is captured beautifully.

5. Edit

Time to pass the baton to the editors. They choose the best shots and add any animation and sound.


6. Delivery

After the feedback, we deliver a customised youth video and it is time to convince your target audience of your story.

jongeren content

Why create video content for young people?

Videocontent is effectief voor het bereiken van een jonge doelgroep. Videocontent bekijken de jongeren vooral online of ze streamen het naar de tv. Het is belangrijk dat de videocontent aansluit op het platform waarop de doelgroep actief is. Bij jongeren gaat kwaliteit boven kwantiteit, de kwaliteit van de opnameapparatuur is dus van groot belang bij het produceren van jongeren content


Our approach

The most important thing about videos for young people and children is that they contain quality stories that meet the needs of the young target group. What kind of story that is depends entirely on the age. We work out a concept based on your wishes. In doing so, we take into account the requirements set, but we will also base ourselves on our own experiences. After the feedback, we work out a final script for all the videos. Only when we have a good plan, we can start planning, shooting and editing.


Jongere content

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