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Instructional video

Are you looking for a video company to create an instructional video? At Krab, we understand the power of effective instructional videos that clearly convey your message. Whether it's actors, animations, or screen recordings, we create instructional videos that inform, inspire, and motivate. Our creative editing ensures that your instructional video stands out to your target audience. 


Would you like to have a clear and effective instructional video made? Feel free to contact us and discover how we can help you! 


🦀 Instructional videos offer step-by-step visual guides for complex procedures and processes.
🦀 Providing uniform instructions to a diverse audience ensures that everyone receives the same clear explanation.
🦀 Save time for trainers and learners with repeatable and accessible video instructions.  


Would you like to have an instructional video made as well?


Would you like to have an instructional video made as well?

Mollie & Shopify instructional video

Instructievideo Blokker


Why choose Krab to create your instructional film?

Krab has years of experience in developing instructional videos. It is important for us to create an instructional video that is clear and resonates with the target audience. We achieve this by discussing your requirements and advising on the best approach to effectively convey your message.  

Whether it's product instructions, portal explanations, how-to videos, or manuals, at Krab, we're happy to brainstorm with you. In addition to instructional videos, you can also rely on us for: productvideos, information videos, promotional videos and much more.  Contact us and discover how we can elevate your instructional video to the next level. 

What customers think of us

What do you think of our collaboration? 🦀

Advocating on the excellent partnership between Mollie and Krab, since the beginning in 2020. Krab helped us with the creation of various detailed integration videos for our different plugins. Great collaboration and really happy with the team. I will always recommend Krab as a partner to anyone looking for expertise in media and media creation. Great vibe great people great results.

Lono HolzTechnical Partner Manager

VU Instructional Series Applying

Hoe maak je Articona Cocktail

Instructievideo Miele

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    FAQ Instructional video

    Our videos are available in various formats, including vertical (for mobile devices), 1x1 (suitable for social media), and horizontal (16:9 - perfect for TVs or computer screens)..

    Yes, if the footage is usable, we can integrate existing footage to save costs or strengthen a targeted message. 

    Absolutely, for a fee starting from €170, we provide an export of all usable footage.

    The duration of the production process depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the instructiefilm, the number of shooting days, the desired animations or special effects, and the post-production requirements. Generally, videos are delivered 3-6 weeks after approval of the quote.  

    The production process of an instructional video involves several steps, such as concept development, scriptwriting, storyboard creation, filming, editing, and post-production. It's a collaboration between you and the production team to ensure that your message and vision are conveyed effectively. Learn more about the production process here!  

    We are often asked this question, and that is understandable. Making an instructional film is a tailor-made process, where prices depend on various factors. Some of these factors include: 

    🎥 Film days and locations 

    🎬 Actors or voice-over 

    📽️ Required equipment 

    👥 Size of the crew 

    When determining the production process of the instructional video, we take your budget and objectives into account. Your wishes are always central. Do you want to know what options are available within your budget? Request a quote without obligation and discover how we can realize your vision together.