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Infographic laten maken

Having an infographic made is the perfect solution for displaying information in a clear manner. An infographic can be used to illustrate complex subjects, such as the operation of a product, company or service, so that they are clear at a glance.

Krabmedia design infographics for VluchtelingenWerk Nederland, Province Noord-Holland and Publistat. Would you like to know more about the creation of an infographic? Request a quote without obligation and receive a response within a few hours!

Would you also like to create an infographic?

Your infographic in 3 steps

1. Concept analysis

Time for a first meeting and brainstorming about the message you want to convey with the infographic.

2. Design

When the message is clear and we have received all the information, it is time for our designers to get to work.

3. Delivery

After the feedback has been implemented, it is time to deliver your infographic and get your message out there.

Check out our infographics

infographic laten maken krabmedia
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Request a quote for your infographic

    Why create an infographic?

    The way in which we absorb information has changed a great deal. Nowadays, it is important that information can be consumed quickly. A visual or infographic is useful for clarifying complex subjects at a glance. Infographics can be used both offline in print publications and online.

    How long does it take to create an infographic?

    How long does it take to complete the infographic? That is difficult to estimate in advance. An interactive infographic takes more time than a normal infographic. If we have all the information at our disposal, the static infographic can be produced within a week.

    Why let KrabMedia create your infographic?

    We are analytically very strong and therefore able to convert text, data and thoughts into expressive images. We at KrabMedia are customer-oriented specialists with years of experience in the field of infographics. We are happy to help you with the processing of data into a static, interactive or animated infographic. Would you like to have your infographic made by KrabMedia? Please contact us.

    Besides making infographics, we also provide a lot of other services, such as: corporate videos, after movie, educational videos, timelapses, photography, animations and much more!

    infographic laten maken

    infographic maken

    What is the cost of an infographic?

    What does it cost to create an infographic? That's hard to estimate without us mapping out your requirements. Do you want a static or interactive infographic? What kind of design choice are you going to make? How much information must be converted? Do you want one or more infographics? These are all factors that influence the price of the infographic. Want to know more about the rates and costs of an infographic?