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GIF design

Do you want to create your own branded Gifs? Gifs are a great addition to your marketing repertoire. By having gifs made, you strengthen your brand name and increase the visibility of your company. The Gifs can also be used by other people! Gifs can be used on different channels like: Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp or on your website. Check out the Gifs we've made for Nikon and Landmarkt, among others.

Gifje laten maken

Types of GIFs

We deliver several types of gifs, the choice depends on your needs, goals and budget. Do you want more information on which gif is best suited to your needs? Ask for an offer without engagement, or give us a call!

✅ 2D GIFs
2D gifs are two dimensional, i.e. the gifs consist of flat images without depth and can only move vertically and horizontally.

✅ 3D GIFs
These are three-dimensional gifs. Unlike 2D gifs, 3D gifs have depth. 3D Gifs offer a much broader range of possibilities for your target audience.

✅ Green screen GIFs
These are gifs where you yourself are visible. These are recorded (on location) with a green screen.

What are the costs of having a GIF designed?

You may wonder what it costs to have a gif made. The cost of a gif depends on your wishes, the type of gif and the number of gifs. Of course, we'll be happy to help you decide what's best for you. Do you want more information about the costs of your gif? Request a quote and receive a response within 24 hours.


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1. Introduction

Tijd om elkaar beter te leren kennen met een lekkere kop koffie erbij. Zo krijgen wij een beter beeld van het verhaal Hier bekijken we jouw wensen en doelstellingen.

2. Design

After the introduction, our creative minds get to work designing the gifs.


3. Delivery

When the gifs are ready, we deliver them completely in the style of your company. Of course, they can also be found on the relevant social media channels.


More info about your GIF?

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