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Employer branding & recruitment

Building a strong employer brand and attracting top talent can be a challenge in today's job market. Fortunately, good content is a game changer to take your HR strategy to the next level. For example, videos allow you to tell your story in an engaging and consistent way, keeping (future) employees inspired and informed. The result? An irresistible employer brand that attracts the right people.

Why use videos for employer branding and recruitment?

Give candidates a clear impression quickly

Videos are the way to quickly and engagingly give candidates a glimpse into your world. By presenting your workplace, employees, and company culture in a video, potential applicants quickly get a clear picture of your organization. And that helps them make an informed decision about whether they want to work with you.

Personal connection with your organization

Videos do more than just convey information: they also create a personal connection between the candidate and your company. By showing real employees and sharing their stories, you give the viewer the feeling that they already belong with you. It puts a human face on your organization and creates a bond that goes beyond just a job opening.

Onboarding in style

Make your onboarding process interactive and unforgettable with videos! Give new colleagues an in-depth look into your company culture, mission, vision, and values through immersive and engaging videos. This makes them feel immediately involved and connected to your organization, keeping them enthusiastic and motivated to stay on board and make a valuable contribution.

What kind of video do I need?

There are various types of photography or videography you can create to boost your employer brand and recruitment efforts. We've listed some examples for you, but we're happy to brainstorm with you to choose the right format and style that best suits your goals.

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