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Informative video

Informational videos are videos used to convey information and are interesting for both internal and external communication purposes. For years we have been making successful informative videos for Nikon, VU, Nutrition Center and the Province of North Holland, among others. By capturing interesting information in a compelling story through an informative video, you ensure the right experience and involvement to effectively convey the information to your target audience. Want to know more about your informative video? Request a quote without obligation and receive a response within 24 hours. 

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Informative video Nikon

Informative video Province of North Holland

Summer and wintergames

More information about informative videos?

In 6 steps to your informative video

1. Introduction

Time to get to know each other better over a nice cup of coffee. You probably already have an idea of what information you want to convey with the informative film.

2. Concept

Once we have a clear picture of what information you want to convey, it's time to work this into a concept. For example, do you want video or animation? Or a combination of these?

3. Script

Time to turn the concept into a script. This is the most important part of the process. It is important that the right information is conveyed in the right way in your information film.

4. Recordings

Time to lay down the script. We'll make sure everything runs smoothly and you get the images you want.

5. Edit

When our film crew has captured everything, it's time to pass the baton to the editors. They are ready to take the images in their hands and get to work. If necessary, animations and sound will be added.

6. Delivery

The time has come, the delivery of your informative video. All feedback has been implemented. Time to convince your target audience of your story!

Why have an informative video created by Krab?

Krab has years of experience in developing informative videos. When producing an information film, it is very important that you know in advance exactly what you want to tell to which target group. That's why most of the time is spent working out the script. Not only the storyline is important, but also the way the story is going to be told. 

🦀 How does the viewer stay attentive?  
🦀 What information do I give and what do I not give?  
🦀 Which channels are relevant? 

Krab likes to think along with you about how you can inform your target audience. Besides informative videos, we provide much more! Check out our other services: information video, educational video and promotional video.  

What do you think of our collaboration? 🦀

The partnership of Miele Professional and Krab started in 2019, when we when we wanted to professionally capture our projects on video. Krab has helped us turn our projects and thoughts into strong imagery, both in photo and video. They did this in a professional manner, with short lines of communication and high creativity and energy. With Krab we have a strong partner for content creation next to us.

Saartje de WitMarketing Miele Professional a.i.

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CNV Jongeren & Erasmus MC

VU solliciatie

Informatieve film Voedingscentrum

What does it cost to have an informational video made?

The cost of an informational video depends on several factors. For example, consider how many locations, how many days we film. The locations, do you choose actors or voice-over? Use animation?

The choices for the production process of the informative video are tailored to your budget and goals. Your wishes are always central to us. Do you want only real images for your informative video or do you think that certain parts will be made just a little bit clearer by explaining them in an animation? Want to know what the possibilities are for your budget? Ask for an offer without engagement. 

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