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Informative video

Do you want to share information effectively, both internally and externally? Discover the power of having informative videos made!
In our informative videos, we create an immersive experience by combining engaging narratives with interesting facts. This allows us to convey information to your target audience in an effective and engaging manner. The secret to our success lies in capturing the right experience and generating lasting engagement. 


🦀 Convey complex information clearly and attractively with visual examples.
🦀 Reach a wide audience by sharing your message across various platforms.
🦀 Convey your message in a creative and captivating way to ensure that the information sticks longer. 


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Why have an informative video created by Krab?

At our company, the success of an informative film starts with a purposeful and thoughtful script. We develop the script with your specific message in mind because we understand that how you tell the story is just as crucial as the story itself. In our productions, we always consider: 

🎥 How do we keep viewers engaged with your informative video?
🎥 Which information is essential for an effective informative video?
🎥 On which channels should we be present to distribute your informative video? 

In addition to informative videos, you can come to us for: informational videoeductional videos promotional videos and much more. Get in touch with us and discover the power of boundless creativity by having informative videos made with us! 

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The partnership of Miele Professional and Krab started in 2019, when we when we wanted to professionally capture our projects on video. Krab has helped us turn our projects and thoughts into strong imagery, both in photo and video. They did this in a professional manner, with short lines of communication and high creativity and energy. With Krab we have a strong partner for content creation next to us.

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    FAQ Informative video

    We are often asked this question, and that is understandable. Making an informative film is a tailor-made process, where prices depend on various factors. Some of these factors include: 

    🎥 Film days and locations 

    🎬 Actors or voice-over 

    📽️ Required equipment 

    👥 Size of the crew 

    When determining the production process of the informative video, we take your budget and objectives into account. Your wishes are always central. Do you want to know what options are available within your budget? Request a quote without obligation and discover how we can realize your vision together.  

    Our videos are available in various formats, including vertical (for mobile devices), 1x1 (suitable for social media), and horizontal (16:9 - perfect for TVs or computer screens).

    The duration of the production process depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the informative video, the number of shooting days, the desired animations or special effects, and the post-production requirements. Generally, videos are delivered 3-6 weeks after approval of the quote. 

    The production process of an informative video involves several steps, such as concept development, scriptwriting, storyboard creation, filming, editing, and post-production. It's a collaboration between you and the production team to ensure that your message and vision are conveyed effectively. Learn more about the production process here!