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Professionele bedrijfsfilm laten maken

Een professionele bedrijfsfilm is hét visitekaartje van jouw bedrijf. Ieder bedrijf of merk heeft zijn eigen verhaal. Aan ons is de taak om dit verhaal vast te leggen in een bedrijfsvideo en jouw potentiële klanten te overtuigen. Een bedrijfsfilm laten maken in Amsterdam of daarbuiten is de manier om jouw verhaal op een originele manier te vertellen. Wij zijn klantgerichte specialisten op het gebied van het produceren van bedrijfsvideo’s.


🦀 A corporate video increases the brand value of your organization
🦀 Increase the Average Time on Page
🦀The ideal signboard for sharing your company's story


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Leonardo Hotels Showcase

Corporate video AI Technology for People - Amsterdam & Partners


Also have a corporate movie made?

What do you think of our collaboration? 🦀

Advocating on the excellent partnership between Mollie and Krab, since the beginning in 2020. Krab helped us with the creation of various detailed integration videos for our different plugins. Great collaboration and really happy with the team. I will always recommend Krab as a partner to anyone looking for expertise in media and media creation. Great vibe great people great results.

Lono HolzTechnical Partner Manager

What do you get out of a corporate film?

With a corporate video you give your organization a face. From the corporate film we shoot, we can then create content in different formats to drive the corporate video. 

🦀 Teasers
🦀 Bumpers
🦀 GIF’s
🦀 Banners

Bedrijfsfilm x-ray CT system Nikon

Floatscans bedrijfsvideo

Introducing ARTICONA

Corporate video by Krab from Amsterdam

Krab has years of experience in making corporate videos, working with major companies such as Nikon, Miele and Blokker. We take care of the entire production process, from the initial idea for a corporate video, to the delivery, where the content is always number one.

🦀 What does the viewer want to see in the corporate video?
🦀 How does the viewer stay attentive to the corporate video?
🦀 What information do I give in the corporate video and what do I not give?

Krab likes to think with you about how you can attract your potential customers. Drop by for a cup of coffee at our office. In addition to corporate films, Krab also offers Recruitmentvideos, Promotional video’s of Productvideos .

What does it cost to have a corporate film made?

What does it cost to have a professional corporate video made? We get this question often. Logically. Producing a corporate video is custom work and prices depend on several factors. For example:  

🦀 how many days of filming and the location  
🦀 actors and voice-overs 
🦀 the gear  
🦀 the crew.  

The choices for the production process of the corporate video are tailored to your budget and goals. Your wishes are always our focus.  Want to know what the possibilities are with your budget? Ask for an offer without engagement. 


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