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Corporate movies

A corporate film is your company's business card. Every company or brand has its own story. It's up to us to capture this story in a corporate video and convince your potential customers. Having a corporate video made in Amsterdam or elsewhere is the way to tell your story in an original way. We are customer-focused specialists in the field of corporate video production. 

🦀 A corporate video increases the brand value of your organization
🦀 Increase the Average Time on Page
🦀The ideal signboard for sharing your company's story 


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Brandvideo Breinstein

Corporate video AI Technology for People - Amsterdam & Partners

Bedrijfsfilm Google (Solar Power)

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Your corporate film in 6 steps

1. Introduction

Time for a cup of coffee, it is important for us to get to know the company better in order to optimise the brand identity in the corporate film. This is also where we map out the goal.

2. Concept

When the goal is clear, it's time for the concept phase of the corporate video. Here we decide together which concept best suits your company and the message you want to convey.

3. Script

We then develop the concept into a script that fits the chosen message. The script will be worked out completely in the tone-of-voice of your company.

4. Recordings

The day(s) it is all about. Literally and figuratively. Cameraman, director, actors and producer, this is where your corporate film comes to life. Everyone is on edge. Action!

5. Edit

After filming, our editors are ready to receive and edit the best shots. After editing, we review the corporate film together and are of course open to feedback.


6. Delivery

After the feedback, we deliver the corporate film in your house style flawlessly.
Time to convince your potential customers of your story!

What do you think of our collaboration? 🦀

Our organization is working together with Krab since spring 2021 and we are really glad that we do. They think along with us in a very constructive way and give good tips that lift our videos to a higher level. In addition, it is nice to work together because of their flexibility and positive attitude. I have recommended Krab several times when new video plans are made and I will continue to do so. Accurate, reliable and top-quality videos.

Daniel de JongeBeeldredacteur bij amsterdam&partners

What do you get out of a corporate film?

With a corporate video you give your organization a face. From the corporate film we shoot, we can then create content in different formats to drive the corporate video. 

🦀 Teasers
🦀 Bumpers
🦀 GIF’s
🦀 Banners

Bedrijfsfilm Nikon

Floatscans bedrijfsvideo

Spaarne Gasthuis OR

Corporate video by Krab from Amsterdam

Krab has years of experience in making corporate videos, working with major companies such as Nikon, Miele and Blokker. We take care of the entire production process, from the initial idea for a corporate video, to the delivery, where the content is always number one.

🦀 What does the viewer want to see in the corporate video?
🦀 How does the viewer stay attentive to the corporate video?
🦀 What information do I give in the corporate video and what do I not give?

Krab likes to think with you about how you can attract your potential customers. Drop by for a cup of coffee at our office. In addition to corporate films, Krab also offers Recruitmentvideos, Promotional video’s of Productvideos .

What does it cost to have a corporate film made?

What does it cost to have a professional corporate video made? We get this question often. Logically. Producing a corporate video is custom work and prices depend on several factors. For example:  

🦀 how many days of filming and the location  
🦀 actors and voice-overs 
🦀 the gear  
🦀 the crew.  

The choices for the production process of the corporate video are tailored to your budget and goals. Your wishes are always our focus.  Want to know what the possibilities are with your budget? Ask for an offer without engagement. 


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