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By having a commercial made, you increase the awareness of your company, brand, product or service. Effectiveness and creative creation are at the heart of making your advertising video. Krab is a specialist in making off and online advertising videos. We regularly make advertising videos for Nikon, Miele and Blokker, among others. How long does it take to make an advertising video? At Krab we like short lines of communication, so when there is a need to move quickly, we are able to deliver the advertising film within days rather than weeks.

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Your commercial in 6 steps

1. Introduction

Time for a cup of coffee and to brainstorm together about which elements are important for your company, product or service. It is also important for us to get to know the organization better.

2. Concept

After the brainstorming session, it is time for the concept phase of the commercial. Here we decide together which concept best suits the message you want to convey with the commercial.

3. Script

After the concepting phase, it is up to our writers to deliver the message of the advertisement in an original way and in the right tone-of-voice .

4. Recordings

The day(s) it's all about. Literally and figuratively. Cameraman, director, actors and producer, this is where your commercial comes to life. Everyone is on edge. Action!

5. Edit

After shooting, our editors are ready to receive and edit the best shots. After the edit. we review the advertising film together and, of course, we are open to feedback.

6. Delivery

After the feedback has been implemented, a customized advertising film in your tone of voice, delivers perfectly. Time to convince your potential customers of your story!

Why have your commercial made by Krab?

Krab has years of experience in developing advertising videos. We take care of the entire production process, from the first idea for an advertising video, to the delivery, where the content is always number one. We also provide support with the marketing of the content. 

🦀 Which channels are relevant?
🦀 How does the viewer stay attentive?  
🦀 What information do I give and what do I not give?  

KrabMedia likes to think along with you about how you can activate your (potential) customers. Besides advertising videos we do a lot more! Check out our other services: corporate videos, educational videos and timelapses.

What is the cost of having a commercial made?

What is the price of an advertising video? That's hard to estimate without us knowing your requirements and budget. If you email us you can include this in the briefing, for example:  

🦀 15, 30 or 60 seconds for the commercial? 
🦀 Want to work with actors or voice-over? 
🦀 How many locations do you expect us to have to film?

The choices for the production process of the advertising film are tailored to your budget and goals. Your wishes are always central to us. Want to know what the possibilities are for your budget? Ask for an offer without engagement. 


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