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Want to live stream an event?

Would you like to live stream your conference, meeting, seminar, presentation or workshop? We have the right knowledge and are happy to think along with you. A live stream is a powerful tool to reach an audience across the country. By means of a live stream, you can draw attention to your format, product or idea from a distance. This creates interaction between brand and viewer through connection. Together with you, we create a simple set-up to broadcast your message live in the best possible way.

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Do you want to live stream your event?

evenement livestreamen

Why should you live stream?

A live stream offers various possibilities. Through a live stream, you can share an event, concert or training with an audience all over the world at the same time. In this way, you extend your reach and offer those who cannot be present the opportunity to take part in the event. You can also choose to use a smaller format.

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How does a live stream work?

By means of a switch box, for example, with one or more cameras hanging on it, the images are at once uploaded to the Internet, so that your audience is able to watch live. It is important that the broadcast is sent to the server in the right quality and the right file format. From there it is sent to the relevant online platform.

The capabilities of our live stream set include:

🦀 Max 4 camera set up
🦀 start with a bumper
🦀 start a longer video
🦀 Preview
🦀 1080p (full HD)
🦀 Technically, we can broadcast the live stream via any online platform, such as YouTube or Facebook.

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Want to live stream an event?

Workshops and masterclasses
In workshops and master classes, there is a lot of interaction with the audience through, for example, a live chat. It is also possible for the audience to live stream their own computer to ask questions.

Meetings and webinars
The presentation is leading during the livestream. Often there is one or more speakers and there is interaction through questions from the audience.

Press conferences and Q&As
At a press conference, it is important to address a large group of people who can also ask questions themselves. People can participate from a distance and take turns asking a question.

There are different forms of live events. Think, for example, of DJ sets at festivals. In this way, people can enjoy their favourite DJ from home.

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